Shawna Stracke

Shawna Stracke is a designer, entrepreneur and mother of two.  She attendedshawna the International Academy of Design & Technology and earned a B.A in Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Her work is guided by the belief that meaningful design requires an intimate understanding of the people who will use what she creates and the positive impact that her designs can bring.  She has an insightful imagination, purely devoted to ensuring that what she does is just as important as why she does it. Her passion for working with industry and nonprofit clients is her calling, hoping to change behaviors and improve the lives of those both near and far. She developed her interest in design early on as a way to integrate three important values: helping organizations bring their ideas to fruition, embracing the power of the written word and celebrating the way visual solutions can make people pause and take notice of the meaning behind it all. Always at the core of her work is the understanding that design can make a positive difference in people’s lives and therefore makes a positive impact on hers.