Shamim Rajani

I grew up in a family that believed strongly in education and under the umbrella of a philanthropist Father so there was always this urge to make a difference in whatever little way I could. A smile here, a pat on the back there… goes a long way trust me I know, I’ve tried.

Around 15 years ago, I started working as a volunteer teacher at a local computer training center. I loved my job from day one. There were kids, some deprived of basic education that I was asked to train to use the computer! Wow, a challenge from head to toe! There I realized that I could fine tune people and turn them into better individuals simply by talking to them respectfully, listening to their day to day issues and by making small suggestions. I served there for a good 8 years before starting my own business. A few of the students were actually my very first employees.

Work is good and keeps me really busy but I miss the spark. The craving is back to play my part to make this world a better place. In my country there are endless avenues to work on. One that I would like to concentrate on is “educations with ethics”. I don’t even know if the term exists but let me try to explain. There are many uneducated kids in my country and there’s also many NGOs working to educate them and are doing a very good job at that. MY problem is, we’re mainly focusing on how much they’ve learned or will they get a good job to sustain them. But we’re not focusing on other major areas like building their character, ethics, attitude, patriotism.. We’re merely putting out robots who can work and sustain but who cannot be positive players to build a healthy community. I want to focus on anger management issues , hypocrisy issues and lack of patience that my people face. This is not stuff that requires a person to go see a psychiatrist for. If the teacher starts early, he / she can groom the child to grow with these characteristics. I know I can’t change everybody but if I’m able to change one person, I will know that I have played my part well…