Katie Sillari

For as long as I can remember, my Mom always told me how important it was to help katieother people. Anytime I was feeling down, or trying to decide what I needed to do to be the happiest version of myself, my mom always said the same thing,

“Find a way you can help someone else. When you’re too busy helping other people to worry about the imperfections in your own life, you’ll be surprised at how happy you are.”
As I got older, I realized that she was right. Helping other people, even in the smallest ways, was incredibly rewarding. I always wanted to be involved with a group or cause that was doing good things for others but finding a way to contribute can sometimes be challenging.

It wasn’t until I meet Jamie Nollette and heard her story that learned something important; if you want to help other people, just do it, it’s that simple. Although at the time, Jamie didn’t know much about Uganda or water wells, she knew she wanted to help others. So, she started researching and talking to people. She grew what started as just an idea into an organization that has provided clean drinking water, school supplies and so much more to thousands of people. If you ask her how she knew where to start, she’ll tell you she didn’t.

I still don’t know in what ways I will contribute to our world, but I know I will. It’s important that we all do our best to be kind to eachother, no matter how big or how small the act. It is within every person’s means to help someone, you just have to take that step and do it.