Hilde Dale

Hilde loves quilting hilde now that she is retired from teaching. She is amazed at how much fun a quilt is to plan—choosing the fabrics, the colors, the pattern, and how she will put it all together. It is a creative and satisfying process. Her sewing room is her room of peace and love. Her current projects include landscape quilts and now she creates quilt pieces that depict African scenes.

Love of teaching was also a passion for Hilde. She retired from the field of education in 2006 after 39 years of a variety of educational jobs from teacher, to administrator, to curriculum consultant, counseling, and even as purchasing manager for various school districts. The last 15 years of her work were in teaching English as a Second Language in the high school. That was a rewarding way to end her career because she has always loved cultures. Her parents came from Germany to Nebraska and she has cousins in Germany that she still visits. Growing up during World War II as a German here in Nebraska was a time when it was not popular to speak your home language so Hilde did not learn to speak German until she attended college.

Hilde’s work in ESL helped her see the world in more dimensions and gave her a better understanding of cultures from the Sudan, Vietnam, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Bosnia, Syria, etc. Then her teaching adults in ESL for the community college in Lincoln, NE. gave her even more insights and added her respect and love for the adults and their challenges with families, securing and holding jobs, learning English and trying to bridge the gap to living the life in America and making it all work.

She also receives much satisfaction from volunteering for her church. She visits elderly church members and takes them communion each month. The Barnabas program is mainly a ministry of listening, she says. Recently she joined the quilt ministry group and now creates a quilt each month that will be given to those church members who are in the hospital or homebound.

Another love of Hilde’s is her weekly time that she reads books for the blind at the Christian Record in Lincoln. This activity is rewarding.

Hilde feels she is very blessed with a beautiful family and husband, strong faith, love of exercise, golf, reading and being with friends.