Thread of Life

One of the most destructive by products of poverty in and around Kampala, Uganda has been the breakdown of families. As supporting a family becomes increasingly impossible, men often just leave. AIDS, malaria and other diseases have made widows of women and orphans of children. The mothers that do survive often find themselves turning to prostitution and leaving their children to the care of ‘orphanages’.

Thread of Life’s mission is to keep families together by providing parents (mostly single mothers) with training and employment in both sewing and craft making, and by offering community outreach services, such as English lessons, finance classes, and saving circles. Parents are encouraged to visit their children’s schools, take a more active part in their lives and learn to trust that they can care for their kids on their own. Thread of Life endeavors to help bring about a strong, vital socio-economy by concentrating on the building blocks of gainful employment and, most important, cohesive families.

Thread of Life is a program created by Come Let’s Dance, a community development organization that has been active in the Kampala, Uganda area since 2006. Come Let’s Dance exists to effect sustainable change by providing schools, medical clinics, safe places to work, practical experience in farming, and pro-family initiatives, to name a few. With team members in both the U.S. and in Uganda, Come Let’s Dance strives to foster and encourage the next generation of leaders in both continents.