Evelyn Amony

My name is Evelyn Amony. I was 12 years old when I was abducted on my way home from school by the Lords Resistance Army in 1994. I witnessed a great deal of violence including the assault on my own mother and the execution of over 300 men which is now known as the Atiak Massacre.  I was forced to be one of Joseph Kony’s wives and lived in captivity with him for 11 years.  I bore 3 of his children.

In 2005, Ugandan soldiers attacked the rebel camp and I was able to flee with two of my daughters. My third daughter disappeared but I was able to snatch up another woman’s child who was killed in the crossfire.  When I returned to my village I found that my parents had separated and my children were not welcome by others in the village.  They were called “Children of Murderers.”

I moved to Gulu and that’s where I heard the radio advertisement about St. Monica’s. They were offering support for women who had returned from the war and had nowhere else to turn.  I went to St. Monica’s and completed the tailoring program.  I now make jewelry and am an advocate for other formerly abducted women.